Saturday, July 11, 2009

Greetings! :)

Welcome to my first post ever!

This is me throwing a blog out there to see what may or may not become of it. It will very much depend my readership, of course, should I ever have one. I'm open to a great many possibilities at this point, including sharing this blog with other people or discarding it as a fruitless venture. I'll begin with a lengthy introduction, which I think will give you some idea of where this could be headed:

I'm finishing a bachelor's degree in psychology, to be followed by a master's degree in computer science. I have some background in mathematics and also might get myself a master's degree in math at some point, given that I would only need to take four additional courses to wrap it up - well, we'll see. I intend to focus on artificial intelligence and cognitive science in general.

I'm an anarcho-capitalist, or market anarchist, or propertarian anarchist, meaning, basically, that I regard violence and theft to be both morally wrong and practically harmful without significant exceptions.

I'm absolutely not a theist and I'm positively an anti-theist.

While I don't feel alone at all in being an atheist, I do feel pretty lonely in having come to conclude that not being an anarchist is just as great a failure of intellectual awareness and honesty as not being an atheist. This elephant is significantly harder to spot since we're generally surrounded by people who refuse to see it.

I totally reject the idea that emotions somehow exist in their own compartment of the psyche that should be held unencumbered by rationality. I totally reject the notion that emotions are irrational, and I totally, totally reject the idea that it is ever a good thing not to be rational. I think the legitimation of irrationality is what's responsible for all the bloodbath in history, past, present, and future. And I think the legitimation of irrationality is precisely what the very healthy emotion of contempt is designed to be aimed at.

I think the world is very, very sick in the sense that virtually everybody legitimizes an awful lot of irrationality. I think that very much of what's going on in the casual utterances and thoughts of people all around me is just plain apologetics of violence. I try to remain very open to the possibility that I'm yet to be made aware that I myself am still guilty of such behaviour, because I really don't want go on making that mistake anymore.

However, I do think that it's possible to be gloriously happy in the midst of this sick, sick world, and that a striving for honesty is not a hindrance but the very key to the most genuine kind of happiness. I find it immensely important not to fall prey to the fantasy that those who despise me for my views or wish violence upon me are my friends, or that it's worth my time to try and argue or manipulate people out of their willful dishonesty. This doesn't mean I'm a total loner, only that I try to have a clear idea about who is my friend and who isn't, and to choose how to spend my time based on that knowledge.

My favorite philosophers so far are Stefan Molyneux (of and Daniel Dennett. But I don't claim to be familiar with a great many philosophers.

English is not my native language, and I will hugely appreciate it if errors are pointed out. Just as I'll try hard to always hugely appreciate it if errors in my thinking are pointed out. :) I have no interest in being wrong, and any help I can get to avoid it is worthy of great gratitude. (Am I beginning to sound really, really gay?)

Oh, and I'm a singularitarian, too. Just ask wikipedia about this one :)

I'm blogging in english for now, as you may have recognized. I might veer off into german or french from time to time, depending on what I'm blogging about - or I might entirely switch to german, depending on who will be reading this.

SO, I think this will suffice (: If anything I've written has made you curious, or pissed you off, or bored you to death, please oh please do NOT keep it to yourself! I'm not familiar with blogger yet, but I'm pretty sure there should be a "comment" button somewhere which will magically open the door to where YOU get to be the most important part of it all.

Oh, hey: and today's my birthday, btw! (Which is me talking, not the blog, although that would work, too. It'd be remarkably gay but it would work nonetheless.)

I'll let you get back to the rest of the internet while I try out what happens when I click on the orange button... Cheers to you all! Buh bye, SEB

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